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The Quantitative Genetics Group was established by the end of 2004. We have four researchers and one research assistant. Normally, we have around 8 postgraduate students and visitting scientists. The three major areas of research are genetic analysis and breeding methodology, tool and software development, and genetics and breeding applications. We have long-term cooperation with CIMMYT, IRRI, Queensland University in Australia, Cornell University in USA and other research institutes. Our reserach projects are mainly from Generation Challenge Program (GCP), HarvestPlus Challenge Program, National 973 Program of China, National 863 Program of China, and National Natural Science Foundation of China. In the recent five years, we have published more than 30 journal articles in PLoS One, Genetics, TAG, Mol. Breed., Crop Sci., Acta Agronomica Sinica and so on. We have developed QTL IciMapping tool, which is integrated software for building genetic linkage maps and mapping quantitative trait genes. Breeding simulation tools we have deveoped are QuLine, QuHybrid, QuMARS, allowing the simulation and optimization of complex breeding strategies.