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Genetic Analysis Software GACD Version 1.0 Released

Hits:  |  Time:2014-07-16
Genetic studies of clonal species are conducted in populations of clonal F1 hybrids which are the progenies from the hybridization between two heterozygous clonal lines. In self- and cross-pollinated species, double crosses are commonly made between four inbred lines in order to extend the genetic diversity in genetic studies and plant breeding. The unknown linkage phases in clonal F1 and greater number of alleles in double crosses complicate the genetic analysis methodology. GACD (Genetic Analysis of Clonal F1 and Double Cross) is freely-available public software, capable of building high-density genetic linkage maps and mapping quantitative trait loci (QTL) in clonal F1 and double cross populations. Three functionalities are implemented in GACD Version 1.0: (1) BIN, binning of redundant markers; (2) MAP, construction of genetic linkage maps; (3) QTL, mapping of additive and dominance genes. Three methods are available in QTL, i.e., (1) SMA: Single Marker Analysis; (2) IM: the conventional Interval Mapping; (3) ICIM: Inclusive Composite Interval Mapping.