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Team member
 Jiankang Wang, PhD. Quantitative Geneticist and Simulation Modeler.
 Huihui Li, PhD. Quantitative Geneticist and Biometrician.
 Luyan Zhang, PhD. Quantitative Geneticist and Bioinformatician
 Lei Meng, BSc. Programmer.
 Yahong Qian. Assistant and Lab Manager.
Post-graduate Students
 Xuecai Zhang, PhD. Start year: 2008.9
 Changbin Yin, PhD. Start year: 2010.9.
 Tingting Guo, PhD. Start year: 2008.11.
 Mengjiao Dai, Master. Start year: 2011.9.
Completed Students
 Huihui Li, PhD. Study period: 2005.6 -2009.7.
 Luyan Zhang, PhD. Study period: 2007.4-2011.7.
 Ziqiu Hu, PhD. Study period: 2007.3-2007.4.
 Ming Zhang, Master. Study period: 2005.9-2007.6.
 Yanping Sun, Master. Study period: 2007.9-2010.7.
 Zhennan Guo, Master. Study period: 2008.5 -2009.2.
 Yu Wang, Master. Study period: 2008.7-2010.2.
 Chunhui Li, Master. Study period: 2009.4-2011.7.
 Ling Zheng, Master. Study period: 2010.3-2010.9.
 Jinfeng Qi, Master. Study period: 2010.9-2011.1.
  Ziqi Sun, Master. Study period:2009.9-2012.7
  Pankun Liu, Master.Study period:2009.9-2012.6