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The 22nd Genetic Mapping and Breeding Design Training Course held in Henan Science and Technology Un

Hits:  |  Time:2017-07-06

Gene mapping and breeding design training course in Henan Science and Technology University was held from June 25th to 29th in Luoyang. About 70 professors, teachers and students from Henan Technology University, Henan Agricultural University, Zhengzhou University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yunnan Agricultural University, and so on participated in the training course.

The course combined theory with practice. The theoretical part was introduced by Professor Jiankang Wang, including population and quantitative genetics basis, construction of linkage map, the principles of single marker analysis, interval mapping and inclusive composite interval mapping, breeding simulation and design, use of software GACD, and so on. Estimation of recombination frequency, genetic analysis of clonal F1 and four-way cross, excises of quantitative genetics, and use of QTL IciMapping were introduced by Luyan Zhang. Use of QTL IciMapping and Tassel was introduced by Jing Li and Jinhui Shi in detail.

On the afternoon of the last day, everyone put forward their opinions and suggestions on the contents and forms of the training course and improvement of the software. Professor Jiankang Wang encouraged the spirit of seeking knowledge of the training course members. Professor Chunping Wang from Henan Science and Technology University made the final conclusion. She mentioned that members learned a lot and gave high praise of useful contents and practice, and hoped for the next training course.

The training courses aims to cultivate agricultural scientists and graduate students to understand the basic knowledge of population genetics, quantitative genetics, genetic analysis, and design breeding, to improve their ability of data analysis., and ultimately to apply to their genetic analysis and research. The training courses have been held for 22 series, and will be held at home and abroad irregularly.