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The China-EU Workshop was held in Beijing

Hits:  |  Time:2011-07-05

 China and the EU are dedicating great R&D efforts in agriculture, aquaculture, food security and food safety. They both face common challenges, such as the growing demand for safe, nutrious and affordable food given the constraints of land, water, energy and in face of the environmental limits (e.g. soil erosion, and combined effects of climate change impacts and biodiversity loss). The sustainable exploitation of biological resources for a secure and healthy food supply, animal feed and a wide range of sustainable materials and technical products, will require careful use of land, more and better use of the oceans, and a shift to systems that produce more from less.

The EU-China partnership initiative in crop breeding to be launched on June 20, 2011 is a very important new instruments that may serve as model to reinforce a systematic co-operation at the level of EU and China programmes and beyond.