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QuLine V2.5

QuLine is a computer tool capable of defining a range from simple to complex genetic models and simulating breeding processes for developing final advanced lines. Based on the results from simulation experiments, breeders can optimize their breeding methodology and greatly improve the breeding efficiency. QuLine in the current status can simulate almost all breeding activities in CIMMYT wheat breeding program, including male master selection, female master selection, parental selection, single cross, backcross, top cross, double cross, doubled haploid, marker-assisted selection etc. QuLine can simulate not only CIMMYT’s wheat breeding program but also in principle any other breeding programs for selecting inbred lines, which means all major food cereals in the world, plus basically all leguminous crops. It can also be used when inbred lines are developed that later are to be used in hybrids, such as in the case of maize. Hence its potential to increase breeding effectiveness encompasses all CGIAR mandated crops.