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QTL IciMapping V4.0

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QTL IciMapping: Integrated Software for Building Genetic Linkage Maps and Mapping Quantitative Trait Genes


Current version: V4.0; Released: 21 May 2014  ;Updated 16 April 2015


Version history: v1.0 released February 2007; v1.4 released June 2007; v2.0 released November 2007; v2.1 released August 2008; v2.2 released December 2008; v3.0 released September 2010; v3.1 released May 2011; v3.2 released April 2012; v3.3 released July 2013


What is new in V4.0? (1) Order of the eight functionalities changed. In the current order, the first four functionalities (i.e. BIN, MAP, CMP, and SDL) focus on genotyping data, and the last four functionalities (i.e. BIP, MET, CSL and NAM) focus on both genotyping and phenotyping data. (2) Much effort is spent on re-structuring the Fortran code. As a result, the efficiency and stability of the software are much improved. (3) A new supplementary tool MapShow is added, which allows the display of completed genetic linkage maps. (4) Quality and flexibility of linkage maps are much improved. (5) More coding options are provided. For examples, the three marker types can be coded by 2, 1, and 0, or by A, H, and B, or by AA, AB, and BB, or by 2, AB, and 0, etc.


Technical development of QTL IciMapping: The software is project based, where kernel modules for building linkage maps were written by C#, those for QTL mapping was written by Fortran 90/95, and the interface was written by C#. It runs on Windows XP/Vista/7, with .NET Framework 2.0(x86)/3.0/3.5/4.0.


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QTL IciMapping V4.0